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Creative Play Method


About the Creative Play Method

Creative play is a comprehensive methodology of creative activities designed primarily for kindergarten teachers, teachers in general, and parents. Our goal is to make creating in kindergartens something else than a “manufactory” where all children make the same products according to a predetermined pattern and hand them over to the teacher.

The method was developed in the Říčany Museum during a four-year project. We tested it with dozens of kindergarten teachers and in 2020 we published a comprehensive methodology. It has been positively evaluated not only by kindergarten teachers and parents, but also by the professional public. It is recommended as a study material for students of early childhood and pre-school pedagogy.

The idea of the method is based on 3 pillars. If you accept the idea and you want to practice creative play, there are 7 rules to follow. The result is infinity of children’s ideas and products.

The whole methodology is in accordance with the Framework Educational Programme for Early Childhood and Pre-school Education (Rámcový vzdělávací program pro předškolní vzdělávání issues by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)






of children’s ideas

The basic pillars of the method are:

“The methodology helps teachers understand what the role of a “guide” to learning means. Step by step, through the rules of creative play, it unravels the way to support and activate the child in order to develop their competences.”

Zora Syslová, Department of Primary Education, Faculty of Education of Masaryk University.

“The three pillars described by the authors make sense in both pre-school education and lifelong learning. That play is the foundation of learning is an undeniable fact. To transfer activity from the adult to the child, to focus attention on the process of learning, these are among the main principles of the current concept of pre-school education.“

Hana Splavcová, preschool education guarantor, Czech National Pedagogical Institute (NPI ČR)

Rules of creative play:

What are
the benefits?
What are the benefits?

The method supports the following in children:

  • the ability to experiment and invent design procedures
  • a high degree of intrinsic motivation to create
  • development of creative thinking
  • validation of one’s own ideas and implementations
  • learning from mistakes
    autonomy and activation of children
    the ability to evaluate one’s own work
  • the desire to invent one’s own ideas
  • cooperation among children
    self-confidence of the child


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